《IDMC2020 MIRI 改期通告 Reschedule Notice》 (大会开始接受新报名,Open to New Registration Now!

IDMC 2020 MIRI 最新消息 – 14.02.2020

因受新馆疫情影响,IDMC 2020 MIRI 大会已改期至3-5/12/2020举行, 新地点:美里卫理公会美安堂。 大会也开始接受新的报名!

有关退款的事宜,有了以下的更动:大会鼓励您继续参加这次难能可贵的大会。若您真的无法参加,请各别于2020年四月15日前电邮寄 idmcmiri@gmail.com ,要求退回报名费。四月15日后大会就当着您是确认参加这次大会,届时大会不再退款,不过报名费可转让另一名报名者。


Latest News- 14.02.2020

Due to the current COVID-19 epidemic, the committee has decided to reschedule IDMC Miri 2020 to be held from 03/12 to 05/12/2020. New venue: Mei Ann Methodist Church, Miri. New dates are open for registration now!

Regarding matters of refund, there will be some changes: in that, we still encourage brothers and sisters to join the rescheduled conference.

For brothers and sisters who will NOT be able to make it, please submit an email to idmcmiri@gmail.com to request for refund before 15/04/2020.

For participants who do NOT submit their email by 15/04/2020, they will by default be considered available to join the conference without refund. In addition, we permit the transfer of registered slot of initial participants to new participants who are interested to join the rescheduled IDMC Miri 2020.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.